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5 Mistakes You Should Never Make Painting Your Home Exterior in Cincinnati, OH

The exterior of your home is large — considerably larger than any given interior wall space in your home, which means that when you’re looking to paint it you are going to necessarily have a much bigger painting project than when you choose to paint an interior room.

That said, when you by chance commit one of a few possible painting errors or mistakes, you’re looking at taking what could have been a fairly straightforward exterior painting job and making it that much more expensive and time-consuming.

Fret not, for if you come prepared to the job you can be assured that you will do much better, and additionally you are going to be able to avoid these costly errors because you’ll recognize them before they happen.

Let’s look at five mistakes you should never make painting the exterior of your home in Cincinnati, OH

1. Using Interior Paint

One mistake that people will sometimes make when they’re painting the exterior of their home is to use paint that is meant for interior painting.

Their reasoning may be sound enough in their minds — paint is paint, right… but that’s absolutely wrong, and in fact, there is a reason that interior paint is meant for interior painting and exterior paint is meant for exterior painting.

Exterior paint is good for the exterior of your home because it has features that help it to protect it such as being tough against certain weather conditions and also protecting against the harsh rays of the sun — whereas interior paint is not meant to take that kind of beating as it were.

2. Painting While It Is Raining

Another mistake that people will sometimes make is to paint while it is raining, with the reasoning being that it’s not such a big deal and that it rains often enough that it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

This is rather a bad reasoning, however, and fundamentally undermines the notion that you should really only paint on a dry surface.

What people fail to realize is that when you apply paint to a wet surface, you’re setting yourself up for painting problems later on — so it’s best to wait until you have dry weather to paint.

3. Not Allowing Time To Dry

Speaking of dry, you have to make sure that at every step of the process during your painting project, you are making sure to allow surfaces the proper time to dry.

When you have finished cleaning your home exterior, for example, there’s a good chance that the exterior surface is going to be moist at the very least from what you have done to clean it and it will need time to dry.

Even after you have applied the primer (more on this in a bit) you will have to wait for the primer coat to fully dry before you go on to apply the first coat of paint.

4. Not Removing Mold

One of the biggest problems and mistakes that people tend to have when they’re painting the exterior of their home is when they see mold and they do little or not enough to take care of it.

Unless you fully clean the mold from the exterior of your home, you can almost be certain that you will see it come back in some form, and that’s one of the worst things you can have on the exterior of your home as it does damage to paint and is bad for your health as well.

5. Not Using Primer

Lastly, you need to make sure that you apply a coat of primer to the exterior of your home before you paint.

This will ensure that the paint will go on more smoothly, that it will stay on longer, and that the entire painting project will generally be better.

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