Johnson Specialty Painters' vision is to invest in our community by creating an excellent service and experience for customers, vendors, and employees alike.



We always establish an ongoing relationship of TRUST.

QUALITY work. Doing things the best they can be done - the first time.

Treating every client and home with KINDNESS and RESPECT.

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A little Background

At Johnson Specialty Painters, we love that intelligence and creativity can – and should – both be utilized in what is typically perceived as a “trade that you fall in to because you can’t do anything else.” We use so much math and science on every project: considering environmental variables, airflow, temperature, humidity, material viscosity, catalyst ratios, area/volume measurements, production rates, and lighting to name a few. We write reports, tutorials, estimates, procedures, testing logs, and evaluations. We use principles that we’ve learned over time on how to most effectively interact with people, customers and employees alike.


We get to create truly unique, custom pieces of work for customers who become friends. Additionally, we can transform the space people call home into something they love and will spend some of the best and impossibly worst days of their life in. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve been able to start creating a place where the extremely gifted individuals who work with us can learn new ways to express themselves artistically and to be proud of the work they do with their hands, while learning a valuable skill to support their families.


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