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5 Bathroom Cabinet Painting Ideas To Remember in Cincinnati, OH

In your entire bathroom, it’s possible that you’re only going to have the one place to keep your things — the bathroom cabinet.

The issue can sometimes happen when you come to realize that your cabinets have a sort of dated look to them and yet you don’t want to spend the time and money to get them entirely replaced — plus you know that it can be pretty harsh on the environment to do so (all that space in the landfill taken up by perfectly good cabinets that are a little ugly is not a good look!)

Painting your bathroom cabinets can be so much better in terms of price and environmental impact — but when you know what you’re doing and make the time to learn to do it right, it can be so much better.

With that being the case, let’s now look at and consider five bathroom cabinet painting ideas to remember in Cincinnati, OH

1. Start With A Clean Cabinet And Bathroom

The first thing that you should think about when you’re entering into a painting project, such as the painting of your bathroom cabinets is that you are going to have to have not only a clean cabinet but a bathroom that is clean as well.

Having a clean cabinet makes good sense but the room — it makes sense in that when you’re painting your cabinets, you are going to want to make sure that you don’t perhaps kick up some dust which would end up on the bathroom cabinets.

The best thing to do is to fully clean the cabinets as well as the space in which you are painting them so that you can be sure that you’re going to end up with nothing but the primer and paint that you want to apply to the surface of the cabinets.

2. Don’t Rush The Process

Though you may want to do whatever you can do to speed up the process of getting your bathroom cabinets painted, rushing through the process is ultimately going to make you take longer than if you had just taken your time in the first place.

This is because you are much more likely to make mistakes when you are going through the steps and those mistakes will ultimately have to be corrected, and the time of making these corrections added to the time that you spend painting will almost always be greater than if you had just taken your time in the first place.

3. Consider New Hardware For Your Cabinets

During the painting project, you are going to have to remove the hardware (the pulls) from your bathroom cabinets, and before you finish and just put the same hardware back onto the cabinets, you may want to take a moment to consider if this is really the only way you can go about doing it.

More specifically, you can think about how perhaps you can further improve the look of your bathroom cabinets if you get different hardware — perhaps hardware that you will find at the hardware store or even a thrift store, which can sometimes have spectacular deals on things like hardware.

4. Eliminate Mold Sources As Possible

You may be too well aware that mold is a bit of a problem in bathrooms — and the issue is that people don’t pay careful attention to possible sources of mold.

Though it would be beyond the scope of this article to go into too much detail, let us just say that you should make every effort to remove all of the sources of mold from being present in the bathroom so that you won’t find yourself facing it later on.

5. Color Coordination

Lastly, remember color coordination – when you are thinking about painting your bathroom cabinets and you are going to change up the color, you should first check to see if the new color or colors will work with the rest of the room.

Specifically, remember that you have the walls of the bathroom as well as the floor and the cabinet is going to need to look good or not clash with these.

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