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Painting Your Living Room Crown Molding : Tips To Use in Cincinnati, OH

In updating the look of your living room, you very well might want to add crown molding to the room before painting, as crown molding is one thing that can greatly enhance the appearance of any room.

On the other hand, it could very well be that you already have crown molding in your living room, and you just want to make it look nicer by painting — perfectly understandable.

Either way, it certainly helps to know what you are doing in painting your crown molding, and in that respect we would like to help guide you through the process.

Let’s look at some tips to use for painting your living room crown molding

1. Paint Before Installation If Possible

One thing that you should remember about crown molding painting is that if you haven’t already installed it, it’s a lot easier to paint prior to being installed.

There are a number of reasons why this is a better choice for you, but of course if you have a room in which the crown molding has already been installed, then you don’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

The reason that it’s so much easier to paint the crown molding before you install it is fairly simple – before you install it, you have much better access to fully reach the surface of the crown molding and as such you are going to do a much better job painting.

You certainly shouldn’t fret if you find that the molding is already installed and you certainly shouldn’t try to remove the crown molding in order to try to better paint it – the process of removing the molding is not going to be worth all of the effort that you’re going to need in order to first remove it properly and then reinstall it after you have painted.

2. Ventilation Is Important

When you’re looking to paint your crown molding, you may not think about the importance of ventilating the space that is going to have the painting done.

However, this would be a bit of a mistake, as you are still going to have fumes that will be coming forth from your painting work and as such you should make an effort to do what you can to get the area ventilated.

Since it’s going to be the living room getting painted you are best off having at least a couple of windows open depending on the time of the year that you are painting (perhaps choose to paint when it is not too cold outside) and also have a door or two open so that you can have some cross airflow going on.

3. Use Painter’s Caulk

If you are going to need to make use of any kind of caulk while you are updating the look of your crown molding, you should best make use of painter’s caulk, which is ideal for the exact kind of situation in which you find yourself — having to paint the crown molding in order to update its look.

If you are thinking that you aren’t going to need to paint your caulk because you are painting your crown molding white and the caulk is already white, think again because the white that is your paint and the white that is your painter’s caulk will certainly not be the same white — and even if they are relatively similar, you will find that the finish of your typical caulk is going to be different enough from the finish of your paint that it won’t’ be worth skipping the effort.

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