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Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom: Ideas To Consider In Dayton, OH

In the course of painting your home, there are many areas where you might think about how you can possibly improve upon the look of the room — not just painting a room, that is, but painting it so that it can look as nice as possible.

In the bedroom of a child, for example, there are many possibilities for painting that go far beyond just what you might think of in terms of getting the room painted — and with a bit of time invested and a little inspiration we hope to provide, you can make a room that will truly stand out.

Let’s have a look at some ideas to consider when painting your kid’s bedroom.

1. Fruit

One theme that is sure to bring joy to your child or children is a room themed to a fruit or multiple fruits that they appreciate.

The question of which fruit or fruits will be most appropriate is one that is going to be best addressed by your child or children, though you can probably surmise what they’re going to like based on what they seem to gravitate toward at the table.

The nice thing about this kind of theme is that you can get some things for your kid’s room to go along with the walls, such as pillows, bedding, and perhaps even furniture that goes along with the same fruit theme.

2. Dinosaurs!

Another rather delightful theme that you can use when you’re looking to paint your kid’s bedroom walls is that of dinosaurs – and it’s quite the popular one because as you might know, kids really do love dinosaurs!

The only somewhat downside of using this sort of theme for the bedroom walls is that you’re going to have a lot of dinosaurs from which to choose, and really the best way to determine which ones will go well with the room — that is to say, which your child or children will surely be a good help in picking out… but then again, the time that you take to choose the dinosaurs for their wall could be quality time well spent.

Here too you will find that it’s just as good to have other things that are going to go along with the theming of the room such as pillows, plush, and perhaps even drapes.

3. Wizards And Magic

If your child or children are fond of the notion of seeing wizards and the general theme of magic on the walls of their bedroom, it could be well worth adding things related to it as it could make for quite a nice-looking bedroom.

Of course, there’s quite a bit more that can be added to a room with this sort of theme, such as the sorts of creatures and the like that you would imagine your heroic wizards encountering in their day-to-day life.

Something that you should take into consideration when you’re looking at applying this sort of theme to the bedroom walls is the color or colors that are going to be applied to the wall along with the ones that are related to creating the characters, as you will want to make sure that they flow together well with the other colors that you have in the room.

4. Comic Walls

Lastly, think about how much excitement there would be in your child’s life if you were to add superheroes or just some of their favorite characters from comics (even if it turns out that your child doesn’t care for superheroes and prefers more silly characters such as ghosts that are friendly, or children that are phenomenally wealthy, or maybe even high school kids that get themselves into all kinds of hijinx!

Bear in mind if you go for the latter option that you’re likely better off having characters in generic poses than trying to recreate a comic strip from a particular day as that might get tiresome to see after a while.

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