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Living Room Ceiling Painting Tips To Learn In Dayton, OH

In painting any room in your home, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind if you want to make for a better painting project.

These are the sorts of things that will make for a painting project that will take you less time to complete as well as to ultimately and hopefully cost you less money.

This is the case even when you’re painting something as seemingly simple as your living room ceiling — for there are a lot of things that go into a well painted living room ceiling that you should know about before you get into the process of painting it.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some living room ceiling painting tips that will make for a better living room ceiling.

1. Use The Right Sort Of Paint

One thing that is going to be important when you’re looking at painting your living room ceiling is to be sure that you’re using the right sort of paint.

While it should be fairly obvious that you’re not going to make use of exterior paint, what you may not realize is that there are certain interior paints that are going to be better for painting a ceiling.

A flat paint, for example, that will not be so reflective of light in the room is going to be better than a glossy paint — and if you can get a paint that will be low on dripping that would be a good thing.

Remember that even with low dripping paint, you still need to protect the floor from the drips that will occur as no paint is entirely free from drips.

2. Plan Out The Painting Project

As you are considering your painting project, it’s a good idea and quite important to plan out the painting project and not just go into said project without any sort of idea of what you are going to need as well as the time commitment that will be involved.

Likely the best thing that you can do to make this happen is to first measure the area that you will be painting — and based on this you should be able to figure out how much paint and primer you will need and even tell how long it is going to take you to paint the ceiling.

It’s helpful to make a plan so that you don’t start painting and then run out of paint, or think that you know how long it is going to take you but it takes you longer, leaving the room out of commission for an even longer time than you would ideally want.

3. Remove Furniture If Possible

As you are painting your living room ceiling, you may occasionally run into a problem… a problem in the form of your living room furniture.

Having your furniture in the room is not good for a couple of reasons, one being (as mentioned) that it’s too easy to collide while you are going from one part of the room to another and thus risk injury and making a mess.

Moreover, having your furniture there is a really easy way to increase the chances that you are going to get paint on it — and so by removing it you eliminate this chance entirely.

It’s quite conceivable that there will be some furniture that cannot be removed and in this case you will just have to move it in one area and cover it with a drop cloth so that it doesn’t get paint on it — and you may need to move it during the painting project.

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