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Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tips In Dayton, OH

In a typical dining room, you will find a rather lovely table, occasionally a side table meant for helping to serve, and of course — a set of cabinets that are there to store things related to the dining room.

You may come to realize that if your cabinets are looking less than good, you don’t have to entirely replace them — you can make them look better with a good paint job… and there are things you can do to improve the painting process that will make your cabinets look better and maybe even bring down how long the project will take.

Let’s have a look at some tips for dining room cabinet painting that will help with your painting project.

1. Make A Careful Choice For Color

One important thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re painting your dining room cabinets is to make a careful choice when you are choosing a color or colors for the cabinets.

If you have already decided that you’re going to keep your colors the same as what you had before, this is not even an issue for you, but if one of the primary reasons that you wanted to paint is that you wanted to change the color, it’s well worth considering your options and not just going with a color that may look good in the paint store.

It’s important to bear in mind that the lighting in the paint store isn’t going to be at all like what you have in your dining room and thus you can look at colors and have them look great in the store but then take them home and paint the cabinets and find yourself dissatisfied.

Instead, what you can do is to get a few paint samples of different choices from which you are considering and apply them in small quantities to your cabinets — perhaps one of them will look just right on your cabinet and therefore will be good for your painting project.

2. Use A Paint You Can Clean

Since you are going to be painting your dining room cabinets, it should be fairly obvious that you’re going to be dealing with a room in which you bring in and out a good deal of food.

In painting your dining room cabinets, the best kind of paint will depend on the extent to which this is the case, but if you do have the sort of relationship with your dining room that involves that much food, your best bet is to make use of a glossy paint which is by its nature quite easy to clean.

When you use a glossy paint, you really are only going to need to wipe the surface of the cabinets with a moist cloth and this will remove the food stains (or really just about any stains) from them — whereas if you were to make use of flat paint, you are going to start seeing the paint itself get removed in addition to, maybe, the stains from the cabinets.

This is why it is highly advisable to use a glossy paint for your dining room cabinets.

3. Remove Doors And Drawers Before You Paint

Though the process of removing your doors and drawers may be a bit of a lengthy one, it is one that is well worth it and this is the case for a couple of reasons.

Your doors and drawers being removed means that you are going to have better access to the rest of your cabinets, in that it is going to be easier to reach the cabinets and the different parts that need to be painted.

Additionally, you will have a much better time painting your doors and drawers if they have been first removed from the cabinets — your doors, in any case, are best painted if they are horizontal and not vertical and you’re hardly going to be able to do this if you do not remove them first.

Your drawers as well have certain parts of them that are much easier to paint if they are not attached to the cabinets.

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