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Bathroom Cabinet Painting Tips To Learn In Dayton, OH

As someone who enjoys making use of your bathroom (it’s one of those rooms that you pretty much are guaranteed to use just about every day if not more often), you might take for granted that you have bathroom cabinets that hold all of your things.

When you’re looking to improve upon your bathroom cabinets, there are certain things that you’re going to be able to do to improve upon the painting project – and it bears trying to do these things.

Let’s have a look at some bathroom cabinet painting tips to learn when you want to have better painted bathroom cabinets.

1. Lay Drop Cloth Near The Cabinets

One thing that you’re going to want to do is to make sure you have some drop cloth or even a tarp by the cabinets where you are going to be painting before you start painting.

The reason that this is the case is that the process of painting tends to involve paint dripping down from your brush, and it’s a good idea to avoid getting paint on the floor.

You can rest assured that the time that it takes to put down such a cloth is significantly less than how long it would in theory take to remove paint from the floor.

2. Remove Doors And Drawers

Though of course you might have a look at your cabinets and think about how long it would take you to remove the doors and drawers, the time is well spent..

This is because your doors are much better painted when you have them laying flat and lifted up a little bit (there are methods to do this on each side using small pegs that elevate the doors)

Additionally, having the doors and drawers removed means that it’s much easier to access the cabinets as they will not be obstructed by the doors and drawers.

It’s also a good idea to take this opportunity to look at the doors and decide if you want to change out the inserts or how you would possibly want to make them look better.

3. Use Mold And Mildew Resistant Paint

As you may know, one of the biggest problems in a bathroom is the presence of mold and mildew — and using the right kind of paint is one way that you can fight off this issue.

By making use of paint that is resistant to mold and mildew, you can help to avoid this awful scourge for quite a while — the resistance is unfortunately not permanent but it certainly is better than having no protection at all.

Bear in mind that before you paint, you’re also going to want to search around for any presence of mold or mildew so that you’re not possibly painting over it.

4. More Than One Color Is Acceptable

There are some people who might think that when it comes to painting the cabinets in their bathroom, there is only one option in terms of color — that is, they can only paint one color or another.

This is not the case at all, however — you can make use of one color for the cabinets but also use a second color that will frame the cabinets as it were and really help the primary color to stand out better.

It’s a good idea to think about the two colors and not only how good they look relative to one another but how good they look compared and contrasted with the rest of the room.

So long as the colors look good in both of these contexts, you should know that you will have selected colors that are good for your bathroom cabinets.

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