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7 Time Consuming Things To Avoid When Painting Your Home Exterior in Dayton, OH

The painting of the exterior of your home can be quite a time-consuming thing as is, and you should be well aware that this will be the case when you are entering such a project.

What some people don’t realize is that there are some things that you may be doing along the way that will take the painting project take that much longer that, if avoided, will help to get it to be a much more efficient painting project.

Let’s look at seven time consuming things to avoid when painting your home exterior in Dayton, OH

1. Trying To Avoid Painting The Windows

One thing that is going to be a massive time-consuming thing for you is trying to avoid painting the windows — if you don’t have some kind of protective system in place to ensure that no paint gets on the windows, that is.

The issue comes when people try to do the math in their heads and figure that rather than try to spend the time to protect the windows, they would sooner just “be more careful” when painting near the windows — but this doesn’t work for two reasons.

One is that even when you are painting as carefully as possible, you’re almost certainly going to get paint on the unprotected windows — leading to a mess that you have to clean.

The other is that the time that it takes you to apply protective paper and tape to your windows is going to be greatly lesser than the time that it will take to clean the paint that gets on the windows plus the time you will be spending extra painting more carefully.

2. Painting Too Quickly

Another issue that is going to end up being a time-consuming matter is, oddly enough, painting too quickly.

Though one might think that this will be good for your painting project, it ultimately leads to more time as you will end up making mistakes from painting too quickly — and it’s much better to take your time and paint at a moderate pace.

3. Sponge Cleaning

A big time waster in preparing your home exterior for painting is to try to clean it with a sponge.

Though you might look at a sponge and your house and say that it will be a perfect match, this is not at all the case.

You may just want to invest a bit in a power washing system and get the exterior cleaner significantly faster — unless you find sponge cleaning to be really therapeutic, in which case you should help yourself.

4. Painting Without A Plan

Painting your home exterior without any sort of plan is just setting yourself up for a project that’s going to take a long time.

If you don’t have any sort of plan, you won’t know how long the painting will take, when you’re going to take a break to allow the paint to dry, etc.

5. Not Sanding First

Part of the process of painting your home exterior involves sanding the surface that’s going to be painted first.

If you don’t do this, you will have surfaces that are not all that smooth and that ultimately will take longer to paint.

6. Skipping A Ladder

As you will be trying to reach higher parts of the house to paint, you may think that it will be faster to use other means to get up and paint — but a good ladder is going to be the best way to go about it.

Moreover, some of the more unconventional means that people use to paint these higher areas could very well be dangerous.

7. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

Lastly, one of the ways that you can manage to waste a lot of time is to make use of the wrong sort of paint — and sometimes it is purchased for the worst reasons!

The best kind of paint that you are going to get is an exterior paint that is meant for the kind of surface that makes up your home — anything else will ultimately be a bit of a time waster as you’ll have to repaint your home sooner than now when you start having paint issues.

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