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5 Kitchen Painting Tips To Avoid A Mess in Cincinnati, OH

Our kitchens are indeed one of the busiest places in our houses – so many activities happen here that serve to provide us with the essential nutrients we need to do our day-to-day activities.

So, doing a painting project in our kitchen would be a daunting task.

But, difficult does not mean impossible.

When geared with the right materials and equipped with a handful of tips and tricks that could help you avoid doing a mess in painting your kitchen, you can speed up the process of painting your kitchen, so it can be up and running again as soon as possible!

So, if you’re currently thinking of remodeling your kitchen but worrying about the little delays that might set you back – don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

Here are 5 Kitchen Painting Tips To Avoid A Mess in Cincinnati, OH.

1. Know Which Materials You’ll Need

One of the most effective strategies for you to avoid getting messy while painting would be lots and lots of preparation beforehand.

So, it would be better to know which painting materials you’ll need before doing the project in painting your kitchen cabinets.

This ensures that you’ll have every material you’ll need to complete the project, and you’ll avoid any delays because you need to do a quick run to the local hardware store to get more materials.

Additionally, this would greatly help if you’re on a budget since you can be sure that you’ll only be buying materials you’ll absolutely need to complete the project and not wasting money on resources you’ll end up not using.

2. Clean Your Kitchen Surface

Your kitchen surface will naturally be dirty, as it is constantly exposed to moisture, grease, grime, and other types of dirt – which, if not cleaned, will be a problem for your painting process.

Some paint problems arise from a lack of surface preparation, and problems will cost you money and time – which is something you definitely don’t want while painting your kitchen.

So, to avoid the mess of redoing your kitchen all over again, do the right thing and prepare and clean your kitchen surface accordingly before painting.

3. Remove Obstacles

Our kitchen is as packed as it is busy – so many cabinets and tools are present there that we use to help us do our various activities.

So, in painting your kitchen, it would be better to remove any obstacle or furniture that you do not want to be spilled on with paint.

Doing this could also help you paint better as it ensures that you will have a freer space to move into while painting, and you won’t be running into any obstructions that might make you spill or drop things – which are a mess you’ll eventually need to clean up.

4. Paint From The Top First

To avoid getting messy paint drips running down all over your fresh coat of paint, it would be better to paint from the top first.

Since paint drips are inevitable, it would be better to paint from the top first, as you will essentially be covering up the paint drips that will run down your walls later on.

Additionally, painting from the top first enables you to work with gravity instead of against it.

5. Put A Tape Over Your Paint Can Lid

When you’re brushing the excess paint over the edge of your paint can, it tends to run down the floor and leave a mess.

So to aid this, you’ll want to put tape over your paint can lid, just right in the middle, so you can brush off excess paint there instead of doing it over the edge of the can.

This way, you avoid the mess of paint drips, plus you save paint, as it will drip back right into the can!

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