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5 Important Tips To Remember When Painting Your Home Exterior in Cincinnati, OH

It’s pretty common knowledge that the painting of the exterior of your home can be one of the most time consuming projects that you can consider in terms of home painting — it’s not like when you paint just one of your rooms and if it’s not entirely finished, the visibility is a bit more pronounced so to speak.

As it can be such an important painting project, there are things that will help you in the pursuit of a well painted home exterior — and if you take these things into consideration, your home will look that much better and perhaps the project will take a bit less time and hopefully cost less.

Let’s now look at and consider five important tips to remember when painting your home exterior in Cincinnati, OH.

1. Having A Well Made Plan

One thing that is absolutely fundamental to a well-done exterior painting project is to make sure that you first have a well-made plan.

Though you might think that you can just jump right into a painting project such as one in which you are painting the exterior of your home, this is not the case at all for a few reasons we will mention here.

One is that if you don’t put any planning into the exterior painting of your home, you’re not going to know how much paint is going to be necessary for the painting — and this leads to either having too much paint, which is a waste of your money, or insufficient paint, which will just lead to you having to go out and hopefully find more.

You also have the issue of time — if you plan out your painting project, you will be able to figure out when you’ll do each part of the project, and when you’ll do things like allowing the paint to dry.

2. Cleaning Before You Paint

Before you begin actually painting the exterior of your home, it’s quite important that you take the time to clean it fully.

This is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that you don’t want to have any of the dust or grime on your home before you paint it — as all you’re going to end up doing are covering the dirt with primer and paint.

The best thing that you can do is to first fully clean the house exterior and then give it time to fully dry before you go on to move onto the next step of the painting process.

3. Protecting The Area From Paint

You may be well aware that the very act of painting the exterior of your house brings with it the inherent possibility that there will be a mess made

With that being true, you’re going to want to make the effort to protect the areas where you are painting — whether it’s the area near your walls from dripping paint, or even to put some protective plastic over plants near the home to protect them.

4. Check The Weather Report

Your home painting project is sensitive to all kinds of things, but the weather is one of the biggest ones and if you are not careful with when you paint your home exterior, you may suffer as a result.

If you try to paint your home when it is extremely hot outside, you’re going to end up with some pretty bad paint issues due to how quickly the paint will dry.

Better painting is done on a more overcast day when the weather isn’t too hot.

5. Using The Right Kind Of Paint

Lastly, you have to make sure that you’re using the right kind of paint for the exterior of your home.

This doesn’t just mean that you’re using exterior paint (of course you are) but also exterior paint for your kind of home exterior, as well as one that can handle the kind of weather you might expect to get in your area during the year.

There’s no sense in getting paint that’s good against harsh snow if it never snows where you live, for example.

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