Bedroom Ceiling Painting Tricks in Dayton, OH

Any time you are looking at painting a room, you typically will think of the walls of the room and perhaps sometimes look to the various furniture in the room, if applicable — but how often do you think about painting the ceiling?

In a bedroom, for example, you might have wonderfully painted walls, but if your ceiling hasn’t been painted in a while it is important for you to address that by making the time to paint it (or by contacting a good professional painting contractor, such as Johnson Specialty Painters, for example…)

With the right understanding of what you are doing, you will be able to make your bedroom ceiling look pretty fantastic.

Let’s have a look at some bedroom ceiling painting tricks that will help improve the overall look of your bedroom ceiling and make for a better painting project.

1. Ceiling Paint Is Best

Though of course there are quite a lot of paints out there that are going to be appropriate for an interior painting project, you are going to be better off making use of a paint that is made for painting your ceiling when you do so.

The reason that this is the case comes in the form of the main difference between painting your ceiling and painting the other surfaces in a room — and that comes down to the ceiling having the full effect of gravity on it as it were, trying to get that paint right off of it.

With ceiling paint, you’re going to find that you will have less dripping — the key word being less, of course — but it’s certainly better than a standard interior paint as far as painting your ceiling goes.

2. Protect Your Floor

Though of course, the paint that you are going to be using will be dripping less than standard interior paint, this doesn’t mean that you should just paint your ceiling with nothing underneath it — even if you remove all of the furniture from the room, you will still have the floor down there and you don’t want to get even a drop of paint on it.

You might think that it would be just as easy to clean the floor after you have finished cleaning, but rest assured that it takes a really long time to get paint off of your floor (especially after it has dried) and may even cause damage to your floor depending on the material of your floor.

The best thing you can do for yourself here is to make sure to lay down some drop cloth or protective tarp that won’t let paint get through to the floor rather than risk it and let the paint drip down.

3. Remove As Much Furniture As Possible

You may be looking at some of the furniture in your bedroom and think to yourself that it’s just about going to be impossible to remove it from the room — and if that’s the case, that is okay and there are things you can do when this is true.

Removing furniture from the room is going to be one of the best ways that you can ensure that you won’t have that furniture in your pathway and of course you won’t be able to accidentally get paint on it if it is not in the room.

For furniture that you can’t remove, you are best off moving it to a place where it can be out of the way and then cover it as best as you can with a protective drop cloth or tarp so that you don’t get any paint on it.

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