5 Dining Room Painting Mistakes To Avoid in Cincinnati, OH

The dining room in your home is one in which you may tend to spend a good amount of time, as it can be a much preferable place to enjoy the food that you prepare (sometimes in your kitchen of course) and if you think about it when you know that you want it to look good (as it should if you’re expecting guests at some point in the future… or even just in general because it’s more pleasant to have nicer looking rooms in our homes) it’s worth painting the walls periodically.

It’s worth noting that during the painting of your dining room, it’s entirely possible that you will make some fairly simple mistakes that will hurt the painting project as well as possibly make it a bit more costly — neither of which is going to be good for you.

Let’s look at and consider five dining room painting mistakes to avoid in Cincinnati, OH.

1. Not Cleaning Before You Paint

The first major mistake that a lot of people make when they’re looking to paint their dining room is to not clean the surfaces that are going to be painted prior to the beginning of the painting.

The logic behind this mistake is often the fact that the surface ultimately going to be painted, and thus it is thought that just the paint alone is going to make for a good-looking surface — but this is not the case.

Rather, what you will be left with is a dining room that looks as though you took a set of dirty walls and applied paint to them – which is considerably worse than if you would first take the time to clean the walls first.

After you have spent some time cleaning the walls you will find that the walls ultimately are going to be easier to paint, and you of course will not find yourself with walls that look like they are still covered in dirt.

2. Leaving The Furniture In The Room

In the painting of your dining room, you’re going to find that having more things in the room will get in the way of your painting of it, and conversely having fewer things in the room will make for easier painting work for you overall.

You can just imagine that this is the case because by having fewer things over which you must get around, it will be easier to get the surfaces of your dining room walls painted – and one of the biggest obstacles in any given dining room will be the furniture.

To the best of your ability you need to remove the furniture from the room — not only will it get in your way by being there, but it will be likely to get paint dripped upon it if it is there.

3. Not Choosing The Color Carefully

There are going to be quite a few colors from which you can choose to paint your dining room walls, but if you just jump right into painting the walls based on what you suppose might look good it’s quite possible that you’re going to be making a mistake.

Instead, you need to make sure that you put some time and effort into choosing the color or colors of your dining room even if it means that you get a few small samples of paint and then applying them in small areas on the wall to see how they will look.

By doing this it will give you a good idea of how the colors will appear not just in the paint store but in the room itself in a number of different lighting conditions.

4. Rushing While Painting

The act of painting any interior room is going to be quite a lengthy one, and it’s understandable that you as the primary person painting would want to try to find ways to shorten the process.

By trying to paint your dining room too quickly, however, you will undoubtedly make some fairly substantial painting mistakes, and these are not mistakes that can be quickly corrected — they take time to correct, and ultimately this means that you will not be saving any real-time.

5. Not Letting Paint Dry

Lastly, since you are going to be likely applying more than one coat of paint to your dining room walls, you should think about the time that you will need to wait between when you apply the first coat of paint and the second.

The issue with not allowing the paint to dry before applying another coat is that if you do so, you will be risking damaging the first coat – indeed, it will actually lift off onto your paintbrush as you try to apply the second coat, making for quite a mess and not the look you want.

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