Top 7 Color Trends For Fall 2021 in Dayton, OH

There are a few things you can do to improve the look of your home, and painting your home happens to be one of them — and a major component in the painting process, especially if you particularly care about how the surfaces you are going to paint will look.

You don’t have to go along with color trends, of course — you can paint your home (interior or exterior) any color that may attract your fancy, but if you are thinking about painting using some of the more trendy colors of the season — the fall of 2021, in this case.

Let’s now look at the top seven color trends for Fall 2021 in Dayton, OH

1. Dark Blue

Dark blue is a rather magnificent color that you’re going to be able to use for your home whether you end up using it on the exterior of your home or even the interior.

Dark blue would go quite well in your bathroom, for example, and might even be complemented by such colors as black and even darker shades of brown which could very well enhance the richness of the blues that you can apply.

The beautiful thing about the color blue is how you can think of the profound colors of nature when you are painting the surfaces, depending on how dark of a shade of blue you choose to use.

2. Black-Brown

The color combination of black-brown may seem a bit puzzling when you are reading about it on the surface and have you wonder if it means that it is more of a black or a brown — and the answer is that it is a bit more of a brown than a black.

Think about the color of an espresso bean, and depending on how well it is roasted you’ll be able to approximate the color black-brown and just think about all of the practical applications that you’re going to be able to have with it from your library to your dining room.

3. Green

Green is another splendid color that is going to fit in nicely with your home that can be thought of as one of the colors that is inspired by nature, and it’s so well found in nature that you can pretty much look anywhere outside and find examples of it from the blossoming trees in the springtime to the bushes that are well manicured outside our homes.

Naturally, there are some who would suggest that you may well enjoy greens that are also not found in nature (such as the ever confusing green that makes up green screens… and if that works for you, you should go for it) but bear in mind that perhaps the room or area may look better with a more calm green as it were.

4. Coral

The color coral brings to mind another aspect of nature, which is something that people seem to really have their mind on in terms of painting their home, if you have noticed in reading this list of colors that are trending in the fall of 2021.

It’s quite possible that people like the idea of nature more than ever and therefore colors like coral are big for that very reason — and there are so many rooms in which you’re going to be able to make use of coral including places like your kitchen, your bathroom, and more.

5. Peach

Peach is another one of those colors that fall under the category of colors that are perhaps more nature based as it were, but here there are only a few areas where you’re going to be able to see the color and most notably that will be with the fruit after which some say the color is named.

6. Soft White

Speaking of colors that are pleasant to see, you should consider making use of a soft white, which is a lot like white only it is a bit more muted.

To the untrained eye, it will look a lot like a plain white but it is not so — it is a lot less bright as it were.

7. Sand

Lastly, think about sand — the color of sand should be pretty clear to you and if you think about it, there are many shades that sand could be, and just about all of them will work well in your home.

The key factor is to go with a sand shade that fits in well with your wants.

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