7 Tips For Painting Your Living Room in Dayton, OH

Your living room may well be one of the most popular rooms in the house, and for a good reason — people spend time there, be they friends or family, and the hours that they are there can be some of the most memorable ones.

The painting of your living room is something that can make a massive difference in the way that it looks, especially if it has been a while since it has been painted — and it’s entirely possible that the colors that had been used previously are no longer as in vogues as they once were.

Let’s now look at seven tips for painting your living room in Dayton, OH.

1. Test Out Paint Colors

One thing you should make sure you do when you’re looking at painting your living room is to test out the various paint colors that you are considering before you decide on one.

The problem that a lot of people have is that they think they can stroll into a store that sells paint, look at a few strips of paper with colors on them, and be able to determine how good a certain color will look in their room.

This will not generally work as you won’t know how your color choices will actually look in the room under different lighting conditions.

Instead, you should get small paint samples and actually apply them to your walls to test out how they will look.

2. Use Appropriate Interior Paint

There are quite a few options you have available to you in terms of painting your living room walls, and it’s a good idea to make one that will be good for the space.

Based on how much traffic a typical living room tends to get as well as the tendencies of people to sometimes have food with them, it’s a good idea to get a kind of paint that is easy to clean, that is to say of a higher gloss.

3. Use Quality Paint Brushes

Though there are quite a few types of paint brushes that you can get to paint your living room, a mistake that you might make in looking for brushes would be to go too cheap.

The problem with overly cheap paintbrushes is that they tend to be poor in terms of spreading paint on the surfaces that you are painting and could even get some bristles into the paint.

4. Do Not Rush

You’re going to think that perhaps it’s a good idea to paint your living room just about as quickly as you can because you want to get the work done.

The problem with this is that in rushing your paint project, you’re more likely to make errors along the way that will then have to be cleaned up and in the end, cost you more time than if you had just taken your time in the first place.

5. Light Is Important

Of course, you know well that you’re not going to paint in the dark, but did you know that you will need to have an abundant amount of light for your painting process?

This can take the form of spotlights that you can get from hardware stores that will help you paint efficiently — if you can see the walls well, you can paint them well.

6. Protect The Floor

While you are painting the living room walls, you’re going to be likely to spill a little paint here and there — plus paint does tend to drip as you paint.

To ensure that you don’t get paint on the floor, make sure that you use some kind of drop cloth to protect it — preferably the kind that will not let paint get through to the floor.

7. Plan Out The Painting Project

Lastly, you have to ensure that you plan out your painting project fully before you start.

If you don’t do this, you run the risk of maybe not coming to it prepared with the right equipment, or knowing how long it is really going to take you.

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