7 Tips For Cleaning Your Ceiling in Dayton, OH

The cleaning of your ceiling is something that is surely unpleasant, but it is entirely necessary and part of the ownership of a home — you shouldn’t just clean part of a home and leave the rest of it uncleaned.

The cleaning of the ceiling also can come about when you are looking to paint the ceiling, as you need to have a clean surface before you are going to be able to properly clean it as otherwise, you end up with a bit of an unpleasant mess.

Let us now look at seven tips for cleaning your ceiling in Dayton, OH.

1. Cover Your Floors

One of the important things that you’re going to have to remember when you’re cleaning your ceiling is that the process of doing so is going to make a bit of a mess, and given the way that gravity tends to work that mess is going to often end up straight down.

Of course, if you don’t have any kind of protection on your floors such as a good quality drop cloth, that mess is then going to have to be cleaned and so instead of having just one thing to clean, being your ceiling, you’re going to end up with two things to clean — first your ceiling and then your floor.

To avoid this, make the effort to invest in some drop cloths that you’re going to be able to use to cover your floors prior to cleaning the ceiling.

2. Alternatively, Also Plan To Clean Your Floors

The alternative suggestion to covering your floors is if it happens that your floors happen to be looking a bit messy anyway, you can plan to clean the floors after you clean your ceiling.

Since you’re already planning on cleaning the floors, you can allow them to remain uncovered as you go through the steps of cleaning your ceiling and whatever may fall from the ceiling area is just going to have to be picked up and cleaned during the later process of cleaning the floors.

3. Test Your Cleaners First

Though your cleaners may claim to be fantastic in quality and out of this world in strength, there’s a chance that they might not actually be compatible with your ceiling and could cause some discoloration to it if you’re not careful and happen to get the wrong one.

To be on the safe side, the best thing you can do if you’re not certain of the effects of a cleaner is to first test it out in a small inconspicuous area and to see what effect it has and if it still looks good, you can proceed to use it on the rest of the ceiling.

4. Clean Near Your Vents

If there’s one part of a home that gets neglected quite a lot, it’s the vents in the ceiling — and this is rather a bad thing as the vents are what bring you the air that you breathe.

You can just imagine that if these vents are dirty, the air being circulated in your home is also going to be dirty — so it is important to clean around there when you are taking the time to clean the ceiling.

5. Use A Vacuum Cleaner As Necessary

Though a lot of the cleaning of your ceiling has to do with using wet cleaners, for some parts of the dirt that accumulates on and near your ceiling there’s nothing better than a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate nozzle and extension attachment.

These are going to be appropriate for things like dustballs that are far too large for you to get with smaller cleaning techniques and that would possibly take you a lot longer to clean.

6. The Use Of A Feather Or Microfiber Duster

There are times that you will find that the use of a feather or microfiber duster is going to be the optimal way for you to clean your ceiling.

Such times are going to be when you have more delicate areas of the ceiling to clean and you don’t want to use the brute force that other cleaning techniques can impose.

7. Care With A Popcorn Ceiling

The last thing that is worth mentioning here is that when you have a popcorn ceiling, you are going to want to be particularly careful because in a lot of ways the more moist cleaning techniques are not only going to be inefficient, they might cause damage to the ceiling.

Sometimes you can get away with a mist of cleaner and a little gentle scrub but other times the only way that you can really take care of a dirty popcorn ceiling is by repainting it.

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